Topics, Exams and Homework Assignments

Week Dates Topics Sections Covered Homework Due
1Aug 22—Aug 26 Introduction to Information Theory. Provability, Entropy, and Inference. More about Inference. 1, 2, 3Aug 31
2Aug 29—Sep 2 Introduction to MATLAB. Image representation and image processing. Communications Toolkit and Galois field arithmetic. Implementation of Hamming (7,4) code. MATLAB documentation, RTG error correcting codes slides
H1:  H1
Sep 7
3Sep 5Labor Day - no class.Sep 7
3Sep 7—Sep 9 Data Compression. The Source Coding Theorem. I.4
H2:  H2
Sep 14
4Sep 12—Sep 16 Sketch of the proof of Source Coding Theorem. I.4Sep 21
5Sep 19—Sep 23 Elias-Shannon-Fano coding and Arithmetic coding. Symbol Codes. Stream Codes. Codes for Integers. I.5, I.6, I.7
H3:  H3
Sep 28
6Sep 26—Sep 30 I.6, I.7Oct 5
7Oct 3—Oct 7 Probabilities and Inference. An Example Inference Task: Clustering. IV.20, IV.21Oct 12
8Oct 10—Oct 14 Maximum Likelihood and Clustering. Exact Marginalization. IV.22, IV.24
H4:  H4
Oct 19
9Oct 17—Oct 21 Neural networks. Introduction to Neural Networks. V.39
10Oct 24—Oct 28 Neural networks. Introduction to Neural Networks. The Single Neuron as a Classifier. Capacity of a Single Neuron. V.39, V.40, V.41Nov 2
11Oct 31—Nov 4 Supervised Learning in Multilayer Networks. V.42, V.44
H4:  H5
Nov 9
12Nov 7—Nov 11 Feed forward networks.
12Nov 11 Veteran's Day - no class.
13Nov 14—Nov 18 Clustering.
14Nov 21—Nov 23 Hopfield Networks. Traveling Salesman Problem. V.42
14Nov 24—Nov 27 Thanksgiving recess.
15Nov 28—Dec 2 Message passing algorithms. Parallel Programming in MATLAB. III.16
16Dec 5—Dec 7
Finals WeekDec 14 (Wednesday)Final Exam, 10:30 pm - 12:30 pm (regular room).