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While working in industry, I obtained certifications as a software engineer from Brainbench and am entitled to displaying these logos:


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Marek Rychlik in Santa Monica

Marek Rychlik, Santa Monica, 2006.

Software downloads

I developed a number of software packages that can be downloaded from this website.


JOde, pronounced jay-oh-dee-ee, is a Java applet and desktop application which allows one to interactively analyze systems of differential equations. It was designed to be a convenient aid in teaching differential equations. JOde page has been mirrored at several Universities, including:


LinODE is a package for the free, open source Computer Algebra System (CAS) called Maxima. It solves linear equations with constant coefficients and Cauchy-Euler type equations, both homogenous and non-homogeneous. It has a nice interface for solving boundary value problems with these types of equations.

The package is meant primarily as a tool for instruction. It is especially well suited for teaching engineering course bases on the Kreyszig's book, as it has been tested on all examples in Chapter 3 of the book.