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Basic information on installing Linux

Where to purchase a distribution of Fedora Core Linux?

Fedore Core is a distribution of Linux related to the RedHat Linux. Fedora is unsupported and is open-source (look for an explanation of these terms on the Web). Fedore maintains a list of vendors who distribute the operating system on CD's and DVD's. Of this list, I dealt with CheapBytes only.

Other distributions of Linux

There is a myriad of Linux distributions, i.e. versions of the Linux operating system customized by individuals and organizations. All of them should provide the same functionality. If you are installing Linux for the first time, you probably need a well-established distribution with an easy-to-use, graphical installation program (the "installer").

In order to install linux, you need to purchase a set of 4 installation disks of Fedora Core 3.

Software Linkx

Note: The content below is not fully updated yet for the Spring of 2005. The files that are updated will be shown in the color of this paga (bisque).


  1. LaTeX 1: Slides | Files
  2. R - A statistical/graphics package
  3. Octave/Matlab - Linear Algebra and more
  4. Maxima - an extensive CAS
  5. All files created in class

Homework Assignments

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R - The statistical software for UNIX and Windows

XFig and WinFIG

XFig is a UNIX drawing program, but a Windows version is available now. For information, please go to this site:

Card games

Monte Carlo Method

MATLAB and Octave

Computer Algebra Systems


The information about Maxima and Lisp-related software can be found here. Maxima can be used as a a terminal-based program, through a GUI or with TeXmacs (see below).


TeXmacs is an open-source editor which can be used to create hi-quality display for math formulas. It is also a universal interface to several external programs, including Maxima and Octave. To obtain TeXmacs, visit TeXmacs development site. Note that both UNIX and Windows versions are available.