Math 481/581, Assignment 2

Deadline: February 14, 2005


This assignment and assignment #1 together constitute Project 1. You will receive a joint grade for these two assignments, and the result will count for 25% of the class grade (see the syllabus).

An important change in the method of submission

You will no longer use e-mail to submit your files. There will be two methods to submit your files:
  1. Just like before, you will make a zip archive and use a web form to submit it(see below).
  2. You can also submit and view individual files from your Linux or Windows desktop. Submitting files will be possible using "Drag and Drop".


This purpose of this assignment is to create a complete LaTeX document, including all major elements we have learned.


You can and are encouraged to be creative in this assignment and try various LaTeX techniques that you picked up in class or read about. Make your document as impressive as you can. Below is a plan for writing a document which will satisfy minimal requirements, but you can modify the topic, section titles etc. as long as you use all LaTeX elements mentioned.

What to turn in?

The zip archive should be submitted by clicking here or using WebDAV.
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