Math 481/581, Final Project (Draft 1)

Deadline: May 10, 2005, 4:00 pm


This assignment is the Final Project and is worth 25% of the grade. The due date is firm The school imposes a deadline on assigning grades for this class relative to May 10, 4:00 pm (the date of the final examination).


To create a Website based on the projects performed in this class, suitable as an enhancement to your resume. A website is a recognized form of publication, and will be looked upon favorably by your future employer.


The idea is to use the LaTeX documents you've created and publish them with latex2html in HTML format. However, you should enhance the LaTeX documents with the typical elements which are expected in such a document: hyperlinks, images, perhaps even animations. However, you should do it in such fashion that the original LaTeX document can be processed with LaTeX in a normal fashion. Thus, for instance, you should get acquainted with the LaTeX commands provided by the package hyperref.

An example of a document produced in this fashion is my curriculum vitae.

An example of a math paper translated with latex2html is "On a Model of Sea Battles".

It is not necessary to keep the form of your prior submissions unchanged. Perhaps now, having experimented with more software tools, you can do things better.

A word of caution

You should be mindful of releasing private information as well as violating copyrights.

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