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Output from our home-grown ray tracer. See another image generated by Nguyen Tu with his extended version of the program.

Raster Graphics, Bresenham's Algorithm

Raserizing lines and circles

  1. Algorithms
  2. Code
  3. Code (Tarred and GZipped)
  4. Code (Zipped)

An introduction to VRML - Virtual Reality Modeling Language

Vrml samples

  1. Code

POV-ray and Ray Tracing

POV-ray samples

  1. Code
  2. A prototype of a ray-tracing program.

Java and Java3D

  1. Code This code is organized as an example of a project managed with Ant (the tool developed by the Jakarta project at Apache. Although the setup is IDE-neutral, we are using an Emacs IDE called JDE to maintain it.



Rasterizing simple curves

  1. Found on the Web


  1. VRML specification
  2. Introduction to VRML 2.0
  3. Local copy of the above
  5. An article on the past and future of VRML

POV-ray and Ray Tracing