Math/Stat 571B Spring 2009

Project 1

This is a group project.


To design a paper helicopter that will stay in the air the longest. You can use the following materials for each helicopter:

The equipment required:

The evaluation method

Your design must be clearly described in a short document, so that a 13+ years old child can reproduce your design. The helicopter will be released from a height of 8 feet 10 times The time the helicopter stays in the air will be measured. The average will be the result.

The winner design

The data collected as part of the evaluation will be provided to all groups. The group means will be compared using ANOVA. The winner design should show to be better than other desigs with confidence level = 0.95 and power = 0.8. It will be assumed that a difference of .3 seconds or more is significant.


An integral part of this project is the documentation of the steps.

The details should be given so that all groups can reproduce each other's results.

There will be a 10% point bonus to the group that produces the winning design

Due dates

February 5
Preliminary document describing the research hypothesis and a plan for the entire project.
February 19
Reference design.
February 26
Final revision of all documents.