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Information about Final Exam (now updated for Fall 2012)

Last update: December 9, 2012, 10:11PM.

Review Sessions

I will hold my regular office hours on Monday, December 10. In addition, I will conduct two review sessions:
Math East 246 Thursday, December 6 4-6PM
Math (Main Bldg) Room 402 Wednesday, December 12 4-6PM

Last-minute comments

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General Information

The Final Exam will have approximately 20 questions. The amount of calculations neede will be similar to prior tests. The Final Exam is comprehensive. Thus, all topics covered in the course may be used as the base for the Final Exam, with some emphasis on more advanced topics.

Permitted use of books and notes

Prohibited uses of technology and other resources

Topics covered

All topics covered by Midterms 1-3 may be on the test. Please review: Also, there is an additional practice test. The solutions WILL NOT BE POSTED. In addition, the following topics covered after Midterm 3 may be on the test:

Chapter 9

Chapter 12

Familiarity with the terms used in ANOVA

You are expected to know the notations for the quantities used in ANOVA, as exemplified by the practice problems:
Sum of squares between groups.
Sum of squares of error, or sum of squares within groups.
Sum of squares total.
Mean sum of squares between groups.
Mean sum of square within groups.
Degrees of freedom between groups.
Degrees of freedom within groups.
Degrees of freedom total.
Coefficient of determination
The number of groups
The number of elements in the \(i\)-th sample, \(i=1,2,\ldots,I\)
Also, you should know the definitions and fundamental relationships between these quantities.

Overall emphasis on the final exam