Math 362 Fall 2010

Introduction to Probability Theory


Assignment 0

Due Wednesday, September 8
Solve Excercises 2.9 and 2.10 from the book. Prepare them for electronic submission. The solution should be in PDF format, or be a scanned image in PNG or JPEG format. Please make sure each page is not more than 20-30 kilobytes in size by playing with the settings of your software. For those of you who ordered a book by mail, here is the link to the pages that contain the assignment.
Due Wednesday, September 8
Read all sections up to 2.4 inclusive. Be able to solve all exercises in section up to 2.4 inclusive.
Friday, September 10, 2010
Prepare for a 15-minute quiz on homework excercises to be given on at the beginning of the class. (The result of the quiz will be applied towards your homework score, and will have the weight of a homework assignment.)
Friday, August 27
Install R on your computer, or make sure you have access to a computer with R installed. Review the R tutorials available on-line. Pick one that is consistent with your level of computing skills. Explore R help system and basic commands.

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